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Nikssa is being built with the idea of providing varied solutions through a single platform. The more we explore, the more we develop. A development community which prefers to build applications which aligns with the blockchain technology. We believe that the potential of blockchain is way bigger as a technology rather than the X times a coin makes in market.

Nikssa tries to build an ecosystem which blends the needs of the crypto community into one shell. We see a long travel and we wish to take one step at a time. Join us and see us building technology for real time blockchain dApps. Starting small you can swap, stake and bulk send your tokens through NIKSSA. Lots more on the build.....


Empowering Limitless Innovation within the Nikssa Ecosystem


Why to choose Nikssa Staking ?

Nikssa is an ecosystem which work on long term solutions to the crypto system. We develop the true needs of the industry, dApps that make the technology applicable in various fields. Join us on the long journey to make dApps easier and better..!!!


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Frequently Asked Questions

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NIKSSA Swap is a DeFi exchange that allows users to swap among BEP-20 tokens. Our Swap platform has a user-friendly interface that makes the exchange process simple and easy.
You can now swap your favorite (BEP-20) tokens (CAKE, DOGE, BNB,.etc.,) in NIKSSA swap.
NIKSSA's Staking is one the most efficient platform for staking, where you can earn upto 18% APY by Staking NKS tokens. BTC & ETH coming soon.
NIKSSA furnishes the staking platform for the users to get APY upto 18% by holding NKS tokens.
Your returns will be transferred directly to your BEP-20 wallet address.
Nikssa is a well-planned, built and implemented platform for swap & staking. NIKSSA Swap is a DeFi exchange that allows users to swap among BEP-20 tokens. Our NIKSSA staking is one the most efficient platform, where you can earn upto 18% APY by staking NKS tokens. NIKSSA blockchain coming soon….!!!!!
A blockchain is a distributed, cryptographically-secure database structure that allows network participants to establish a trusted and immutable record of transactional data without the need for intermediaries. A blockchain can execute a variety of functions beyond transaction settlement, such as smart contracts. Smart contracts are digital agreements that are embedded in code and that can have limitless formats and conditions.
Blockchain, sometimes referred to as distributed ledger technology (DLT), makes the history of any digital asset unalterable and transparent through the use of a decentralised network and cryptographic hashing.
Blockchain technology has a wide variety of benefits, for both global enterprises and local communities. The most commonly cited benefits of a blockchain are trusted data coordination, attack-resistance, shared IT infrastructure, tokenization, and built-in incentivization.
A crypto launchpad is a decentralised exchange-based (DEX) platform for launching new coins, tokens and blockchain or crypto consortiums. It differs from other fundraising platforms in that it provides investors with the opportunity to invest in early crypto consortiums before they are listed publicly.
Launchpadhelps both investors and creators. For investors, it gives them access toground zero of innovative new crypto consortiums. The most significant benefitof investing in launchpad consortiums is access to consortium tokens for areduced price.
Launchpads are deemed as lucrative investment and opportunities for early investors through token sales. The cost of using a launchpad is generally on the lower side or non-existent. This has encouraged more companies to take this route for crypto consortium funding.
A cryptocurrency launchpad is a platform where investors can find the newest and most promising DeFi consortiums. Launchpads offer an extra layer of security in an industry that has been marred by scams and rug pulls, as they handpick each consortium and put them through stringent vetting processes before they promote them