Nikssa's Whitepaper

Welcome to Nikssa!

NIKSSA is a well-planned blockchain network that takes your life to the next level. It also comes along with features like launchpad, staking and swap platform, which imparts a powerful product-aligned ecosystem. Our revolutionary technology offers secure and transparent journals, and data storage.

DeFi tokens (Decentralised Finance Tokens) are financial applications that dwell on blockchains and mirror conceptualization that have been fortunately used in traditional banking and finance. Our key idea is to reconstitute financial services in a disseminated way unescorted by any third parties, such as a bank or any such financial instruction.

In lieu, certitude is lean on a set down code (smart covenant) that is deployed to a cryptographic ledger network and permits engrossment to be obtained, loans to be procured or digital assets to be flogged, and more, without relying on a mediator.

Nikssa token puts forward a sequel that amalgamate the ease of perpetual covenant which is, effortlessly accessible and has a cost-effective bounty for all with a perceptive and composite fiscal retort that permits the truce to hold on well in all market conditions, where the inelastic fixed supply tokens are not exposed to shocks. In inclusion, Nikssa is a memeable artwork design with a meliorate covenant, and an overly pioneering, committed, and prominent team. Subsidizing many investment strategies, Nikssa Token is a credible investment tool for holders and traders alike.

Structural Overview

Nikssa ecosystem

Nikssa is built on the Binance Smart Chain and depicted with modularity in mind. Every part of the Nikssa's system is upgradeable, put this back various integrant as better tactics and go in for accomplishment emerge. The concord logics are based on four underlying pillars: security, scale value & trust. Their interactions with each other are critical to the underlying functions and their value, feeding the vaults at the core of the remunerative model and using their solicit province.

Team Commitment

We are perpetrated to this consortium, for the long term, in order to build something that we as a coterie look at in the time ahead and are delighted to say we were a part of and that initiates the most amount of benefit for our community and the funds we will be subsidizing.

With the nature of the crypto market at present, we are making a number of adherences as a team in order to show our coterie that they will gain more by gazing to the long term future of the consortium, and that this consortium is Rug Pull Proof.

We will set forth the ownership of the smart token undertaking upon launch, intercepting our dews and team from being able to modify the covenant or implementing any kind of malicious code that could be stored. Nikssa supports bsc, chain and the token is available in bscs can website. Nikssa covenant can be seen on the explorer using the smart covenant address of the token. Nikssa originally supports BEP 20 calibres, which might be dilated to other blockchain such as ethereums, polygon and the nikssa blockchain at a later stage.



Contract Details

0xf1c0867871babae63218bd8182b487883f7c5ddb - Public Sale

0xd97ed5b687b739213c59354aa148bf8e71fe5201 - Ecosystem

0xa6af5af9decd562205764f06f3ff42fa6484cbb1 - Rewards

0xd55a384043d4964ffa222d1ce0e1e55535fdb39f - Marketing

0xf214b4a59a8dd2378721960d5706a12228a16735 - Team

0x83268a1b6f2a66eb2d463d2573f16735673efe29 - Reserve

0xca9b3fdc11cd307c0953db0ec4870a1ca6ac7b44 - Development

0x19da8bedbdf705416bb9252f29f075e35c36f96b - Partners

Features of Nikssa

In NIKSSA Blockchain, you can trust that your data is secure and immutable. Unlock the power of blockchain technology today and start experiencing the future now.

  • Swap/Liquidity
  • Staking
  • Blockchain
  • Launchpad
  • P2P
  • Vesting Model
  • Token Generation

Nikssa Launchpad

Nikssa launchpad

Nikssa Launchpad admits investors to buy into new crypto currency consortiums before the tokens are collectively released. The Nikssa Launchpad is a fair objective for regulating IDOs for non-viable organisation.

To fully understand how launch pads work, you need to understand how new crypto consortiums raise money for their product or service.

  • A new consortium accompanies with a product or assistance they want to progress.
  • They invent a token that will form an intrinsic part of their organized plans.
  • They sell these tokens first to early investors to raise money.
  • The token is then liberated in the public market.
  • As the consortium fattens, the token’s price increases, investors make money, but prompt investors who got in at a cheaper price make even more.

Allocation Expert

The allotment Staking covenant is long-running and governs all state affiliated to users allotments. On many conservative launchpads, users get issuance by staking a platform token. This way, every user that wants to partake will be pledged an allotment via staking. This avoids problems like IDO bots that precede fair constants who want to buy into an IDO. For example, on the Binance launchpad, users stake BNB to get allotment. Binance then calculates user allotments based on BNB stakes at various randomly determined snapshot times.

The Nikssa Launchpad innovates on allotment staking by determining allotment as proportional to stake amount held over time. This allows us to measure interest in a way that is both fair for everyone and hard to manipulate. By designing our allotment staking system so that the tokens only generate stake as they're held over time, allotment on our platform becomes a measure of opportunity cost, and opportunity cost makes economic exploits infeasible. As an added benefit, this makes ahead-of-time knowledge of the snapshot block unprofitable, and no longer necessitates having a provable source of randomness to determine when the snapshot block should occur.

Allocation Sale (first IDO stage)

The issuance disposal is the first phase in our IDO proceeding for vending a token. All estimate tokens will first be obtainable through the dispensation sale, benefactions everyone the equitable chance at procuring pledged stake in the sale.

The dispensation Sale covenant is a covenant for conducting fair, one-off, fixed-price sales where users have guaranteed allotments governed by the allotment Staking covenant.

Users first stake to obtain allotment via the allotment Master. Then, an allotment Sale is set up to read allotments from a particular block, and conduct a sale based off of allotments at that snapshot.

The allotment sale covenant is scalable to a variety of sales. It is viable to set up sales with whitelists, sales with minimum purchase amounts, and "giveaways", where the cost of the sale asset is 0 (used with a maximum redemption amount and a whitelist).

Nikssa Staking

Nikssa Staking

NIKSSA provides an efficient platforms for staking, were it stands firmly in support of financial freedom and the liberty that crypto currency provides globally for anyone to voluntarily participate in its permission less and decentralized network. Nikssa furnishes platform for the users to gain more profit (APY 18%) staking native token, than the prevailing staking suppliers using the staking process.

NIKSSA empowers people to not be marginalized by governments and financial institutions. Stake the best coins in the crypto industry to receive the best rewards ever given to the crypto community.

NIKSSA is a well-planned, built and implemented platform for your staking. To start with at NIKSSA, you would be able to stake NKS, BTC & ETH coins for staking. We would be more to the list periodically.

Nikssa Swap Platform

Nikssa swap

Nikssa Swap is a disseminated exchange that allows users to swap among BEP-20 tokens (the latest token standard from Binance Smart Chain) based on the AMM automated market creation protocol. Nikssa Swap uses Pancake Swap's router.


Nikssa Blockchain

Nikssa's main goal is to construct a blockchain with the monetary framework of the succeeding. With Nikssa blockchain you were able to create Dapps, Token generation, NFT and Token Creation. We fabricate crypto-pecuniary scaffolding rooted on Bitcoin, the profuse sturdy and reliable blockchain. Soliciting cutting-edge crypto analysis and well secured, we're edifying the cybernetics that compels monitory peddles further coherent by diminishing dependency on certitude. With a deep-rooted perceptive on conveying sturdy and extensible consequences, we infuse deliberately in probing and advancement to reinforce the Blockchain environs and concord.

Why a blockchain?

The major senses of a blockchain are its entrenched data depository and its security. Hoarding data and salvaging them has always been on the refurbish and such data is a big requirement in almost every sector, most consequently in the scope of data analytics and artificial intelligence. Utilization and application of Artificial Intelligence has perceptual been under augmentation in every field, distinctly finance. For the collected date to work more constructively, it prefers a large amount of sources with profuse synopsis and probabilities. We see the blockchain automation as way to ease this apparatus in a large way.


Nikssa P2P

Nikssa’s P2P assist’s you to transfigure you promptly, where Nikssa acts as a security for surveillance of the proceedings.

Token Generation

Nikssa P2P

Nikssa delivers specialist outcome is initiating and positioning token, right from your portal, together with Capped, Mintable, Burnable, ownable, pausable, Token recovery & Taxable tokens.



You won't be able to generate more tokens than the defined token cap. This ensure people that you will not generate more tokens than declared.


Owner or accounts with minting permission will be able to generate new tokens, up to token max supply. You can also disable minting if you don’t want to generate tokens anymore.


The Token can be burned. It means that you can choose to reduce the circulating supply by destroying some of your tokens.


Token will have an Owner. Token owner will be able to mint new tokens or to call the finish minting function.


Token transfer can be paused. Useful to prevent trades until a period/freezing all token transfer.

Taxable Token

A tax fee will be added to transfers. For each transaction a fee will be automatically sent to a predefined address. Owner can exclude some accounts from the taxation mechanism.